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Selling on Amazon can be a hard task but by following one or two straightforward suggestions you can help […]

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Learn How to Sell Downloadables on Amazon is not just a Waterstone’s. They were one of the pioneers of online marketing systems, taking huge losses in their early years to build a whole new idea of marketing using online associate sales as the main driver of their deeply-discounted books and other media product sales. Today, they are well into the black, one of the most profitable businesses online, and still making the internet change around them as they look forward to the ways the web is changing sales and selling. Best of all, […]

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Setup your own Amazon aStore. Get paid monthly for any products that Amazon sells. I setup a basic store in about 30 minutes. Learn how to sell on amazon today! All shopping, checkout, inventory, customer service, and customer payment is done through Amazon. There’s no need for SSL encryption on your internet site or struggling with e-commerce software, any purchaser delicate information goes into the Amazon system. The store is setup through the Amazon Associate Program which is free to join. The store itself is free to […]

Competing Against Amazon

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer and part of the reason is because involving its diverse sales methods. Amazon sells products downright, contracts with other companies distribute their products on its site and anyone the opportunity to find in on the Amazon business bandwagon. Sign up to be an Amazon Associate and become a salesperson for anything relating to the Amazon website. When someone clicks relating to the item through your article and buys it, you get a commission. Make a few dollars 30 days or […]

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Selling products on Amazon can be INCREDIBLY profitable for you, as it is for me (it’s replaced my full-time income!) But there are pitfalls I’ve encountered – maybe you have, too: – Too many sellers competing by selling the same products – Not enough inventory for you to buy locally (maybe you are bumping into a lot of sellers at the same place you buy books to resell, for instance). – Maybe your profit margins are getting squeezed, and you’re looking for that little ‘extra’ amount of […]